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Clean Freaks!

September 2nd, 2012 by Honey Hill

Gretchen and I have become hooked on the reality TV show Hotel Impossible. If you haven’t seen it, the hotel expert Anthony Melchiorri rescues hotels in danger of closing their doors. As you might imagine, the typical problems always include cleanliness issues. Viewers follow Anthony as he exposes the culprits (staff, management, guest rooms, etc.).

We have always received stellar reviews from our guests on the cleanliness of our cabins and guest rooms that has always been because of the dedication of our staff. Recently, during a staff meeting, we used a clip from Hotel Impossible as a training tool. It was meant to be an example of the importance of cleaning standards, seeing things from a guest perspective (“guest visuals”), and proper guest interactions.

As a result, our housekeepers now watch Hotel Impossible every week. Highlights from the episodes have become “water cooler” discussions. They have become crazy clean freaks – scrutinizing and sanitizing everything in sight! What started with a discussion about sanitizing TV remote controls has turned into an all-out cleaning frenzy! Germs beware!

Our housekeepers, Karen and Sharon, would pass an Anthony Melchiorri inspection with flying colors. Thank you, ladies!

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