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The staff has been working like busy bees to prepare for the 2011 season. Gretchen and Sharon have been doing a lot of gardening. They planted wildflowers up on Honey Hill, tended to the flower gardens and have planted vegetable and herb gardens outside our kitchen. We embrace the “farm to table” concept at Honey Hill. Gretchen uses fresh herbs, vegetables and berries in her breakfast menus – picked fresh from our gardens, of course!

The Mary Hoyt room and the Howell room recently got makeovers. Gretchen and Cheryl stripped wallpaper, painted, varnished, and redecorated. Both rooms look fabulous!

Here is the Mary Hoyt room. We uncovered this lattice board in the alcove by accident. The lattice and the wallpaper in the alcove were covered by a layer wallpaper that was beginning to peel. In the process of removing the “old” wallpaper, we discovered this beautiful lattice and lovely wallpaper in the alcove. Nice surprise!
Mary_Hoyt_room< The Mary Hoyt Room This is the Howell room. We updated it with different wall color, new bedding, and new window treatments. This is a dramatic change from the dark rose walls and lace curtains!
The Howell Room

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